Terms and conditions

General terms and conditions of sale and performance of work

Offer = quotation provided free of charge
Signed Offer with “Read and Approved” mention= Invoice = sales contract

Article 1. Agreement of the parties - The signature of the offer issued by TT RENOV’ or any order by the customer implies his total acceptance of these general conditions of sale and performance of work.

Article 2. Validity of the offer - The offer is valid for a maximum period of 30 calendar days from the date of its issue. Quotations must be interpreted strictly; they may not be extended to supplies or work that they do not formally mention in terms of quality and quantity.

Article 3. Intellectual property - The documents produced or paid by TT RENOV’ are and remain, in all circumstances, the property of TT RENOV’. They cannot be used or communicated to a third person without the written authorisation of TT RENOV’ and must be returned to it on request.

Article 4. Order and deposit - Any order will become final with the reception by TT RENOV’ of a copy of the offer with the mention "Read and Approved", dated and signed by the customer. However, the order may only be considered valid by TT RENOV’ once a deposit of 40% of the total amount of the order and 100% of the material
have been paid. Any delay in the payment of the installment would postpone of as much the deadline of completion of work or delivery, delay of which the customer could not prevail himself.

Article 5. Modification of the order - Any special instructions from the client in order to better specify the methods of execution of the obligations of TT RENOV’ or to rectify the previous instructions must necessarily be formulated in writing and be addressed to him at the latest 10 working days after the order. The possible expenses are chargeable to the customer and must be settled before the beginning of work.

Article 6. Additional work - Any work not provided for in the initial quotation will be the subject of additional quotations signed by the customer or of separate order forms, which must be paid for in full by the customer before work commences.

Article 7. Commitment by the customer - The customer undertakes to inform the company of any special environmental or access conditions that may have an impact on the performance of the work.

Article 8. Execution of the order - The start of the work is conditional, if necessary, on the customer obtaining the necessary planning permission and administrative authorisations, for which he alone is responsible. The customer’;s property must be covered by fire, water damage and theft insurance as soon as work starts. The customer undertakes to supply, at its own expense, from the start of the works and throughout the duration of the works, the electricity (mains electricity or professional generator with maintenance contract) and water required for the proper operation of the works. The customer will also be responsible for any costs incurred in modifying existing equipment (power lines or other) in order to carry out the work. The worksite must be freely accessible and must allow vans and trailers to pass and manoeuvre. Any municipal charges or taxes relating to the occupation of the roadway by vans/trailers shall be borne by the customer.

Article 9. Completion of work - The total amount of the work must be paid before it is completed, in accordance with the approved and signed estimate serving as the invoice. The work will not be completed until the full amount of the quotation and any amendments have been paid.

Article 10. Payment of the price - Our prices always exclude VAT. The terms of payment are indicated in the offer. No deduction or set-off may be made by the customer in consideration of a claim or request for compensation for damages or prejudice suffered. In the event that the terms of payment are not respected, TT RENOV’ reserves the right to stop the work after formal notice to the client by registered letter and to take all necessary precautionary measures at the client’s expense.

Article 11. Rate of VAT - The VAT rate applicable is that in force on the date of invoicing. The choice of the reduced rate according to the tax particularities is noted according to the declarations of the customer and under his responsibility.

Article 12. Resolutive clause - The company reserves the right to suspend its services and to terminate the contract if the customer fails to fulfil any of its obligations.

Article 13. Penalty clause - In the event of non-observance of any of its obligations by the customer, TT RENOV’ will be entitled to a compensation for the damage suffered, without summons, nor formality, compensation having to be retained, if necessary, in whole or in part on the sums already paid by the customer as installment. This indemnity will be equivalent to at least 5% of the value of the order including VAT. In the event that the work cannot be carried out, due to the client’;s actions, within 3 months of the signing of the contract, TT RENOV’ reserves the right to terminate the contract while obtaining a fixed indemnity equivalent to at least 5% of the value of the order including VAT.

Article 14. Property reserve - The products as well as the raw materials used during the works remain the property of TT RENOV’ until the complete payment of the invoiced price. However, the risks and damage which the products and the raw materials could undergo or cause for some cause that it is are transferred to the customer as of the delivery.

Article 15. Complaints - Any complaint on the services carried out by TT RENOV’ or any dispute relating to the invoices must be notified to it by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt before any transformation or reworking of the product in question and before completion of the work. The work shall be deemed to have been accepted in the absence of any complaint or in the event of commissioning of the works concerned. They are accepted in all cases and at the latest when the invoice is paid without reservation.

Article 16. Image rights - The photographs taken on the realized building site can be used to promote the know-how and the image of TT RENOV’, in particular for the commercial documents, Internet site or answers to the invitations to tender.

Article 17. Applicable law and competent jurisdiction - This contract is subject to Luxembourg law. Any dispute relating to the interpretation or the execution of the contract between TT RENOV’ and its customer will be, in the absence of amicable agreement, finally settled by the court in the jurisdiction of the place of the registered office of TT RENOV’.